Tie Up Facilitator

Tie Up Facilitator

We understand that certain areas are dominated by brands and it is not a harm to accept it. As an investor, you would be looking for all the best suitable options for your project. There are always positive and negative attributes to every project, if a branded school can fetch money early comparative to self made school, on the other hand the branded school would expect you to invest resources to get associated with them.
Being the complete school solution provider, we have tie ups with leading chain of branded schools present across the nation and we act as a facilitator to get the tie up done. The idea is also to channelize the process of growth for all the parties as we have always mentioned in our vision which is to empower the business, education.
You can refer to the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for your better understanding:

  1. Which brand are you working for?

    We have tie ups with reputed brands of the country with whom we can get your tie up done on request only.
  2. How much do I have to invest to get a tie up with the brand?

    Every brand has different financial model, it varies therefore you have to decide upon as per your investment planning and VGC shall assist you with identification of the best suitable brand for you.
  3. Will my income start soaring high?

    It's a myth that once you tie up with any brand and your business comes on auto mode, however you have to still apply the business brain to make it successful but the main positive point to tie up with a brand is to get easy recognition and plus there is a back office to support your requirement.
  4. Can a brand manage my school?

    Yes, there are few reputed schools which manage the schools as well, we can facilitate tie up with such brands as well.
  5. What VGC will charge?

    VGC will charge a nominal amount to act as a facilitator for the tie up.
  6. Can we meet to understand better?

    You can fix up an appointment with our advisory team and they will guide you about the next course of action absolutely free of cost.
  7. Is it possible to meet the Chief Mentor of the VGC before deciding upon?

    Yes, a meeting with the Chief Mentor is possible but on the basis of his time schedule, however you have to pay consultancy charges to arrange the visit. You can visit our Appointment page to get the information about the charges for appointment and the mode of payment.