Manage Existing School

Manage Existing School

At VGC we understand that there are many schools which are underutilized and are performing low as per the capacity or even have become loss making entity; however the reasons can be different, it could be lack of resources, knowledge, man power, time etc but the necessity is to put a cap on the losses, after all it is your hard earned money that you are losing.
We at VGC completely take the responsibility to hold your hands and bring your organization on the right path and direction; of course the main idea is to generate the revenue.
If your organization is not performing as per your expectations, don't consider yourself incapable, you are not the alone on this earth, you have to just identify the reasons of non performance and here we will help you to perform.
We have clubbed set of Frequently Asked Questions based upon on our experience and we hope it will give answer to few of your queries.

1. What type of schools are you talking about?

There are various schools running but are not performing well due to lack of knowledge, time, manpower etc, they all are eligible for a tie up with us.

2. How VGC will help us?

It's a great question, VGC can play the following roles, out of which you can chose the best suitable:
  1. Take over and manage it (Only as Management Consultants)
  2. Identify the reasons of non performance (a detailed report of study and intelligence)
  3. Organizing workshops for the owners, staff, support staff.Identify critical issues before they become a crisis and establish a positive school environment
  4. Develop and energize your Board — ensuring a common vision, utilizing talent, and stability
  5. Acquire a profile of your school's performance based on candid, confidential responses to the survey, which in turn provide guidance in fine-tuning the board's role and performance.

3. In what all areas you can provide us the consultation?

Here we have various areas of functioning and you can choose all or select the required out of the following:
  1. Interiors & Improvements
  2. Staff Recruitment
  3. Marketing & Promotions
  4. Brand Development
  5. Business Generation
  6. Training of Academic Staff
  7. Training of Non Teaching Staff
  8. Curriculum (Designing)
  9. Curriculum (Implementation)
  10. HR Management
  11. Administration
  12. Transport
  13. Operations Management

4. Can we meet to understand better?

You can fix up an appointment with our advisory team and they will guide you about the next course of action absolutely free of cost.

5. Is it possible to meet the Chief Mentor of the VGC before deciding upon?

Yes, a meeting with the Chief Mentor is possible but on the basis of his time schedule, however you have to pay consultancy charges to arrange the visit. You can visit our Appointment page to get the information about the charges for appointment and the mode of payment.