Deals for School

Deals for School

If you are looking to buy or sell your school, you are at the right place.

Sale the School

The education sector is witnessing growth and investors are looking for genuine deals to invest upon, therefore if you have any school property to sell, you can contact us by filling the query form online by clicking the button below. Once you submit your query, one of our representatives shall contact you with in next 24 working hours to assist you better. We would really appreciate if you can send us a few pictures of your site as it will help us to speed up the process of getting a client for you.

Buying a school:

If you are willing to invest upon a decent and a white collared business, why not to start a school, we have bank of good deals for you. Just you have to fill the expression of interest form by clicking the button below; after receiving the form online, one of our representative will contact you with in next 24 working hours to get the better information. It would be really appreciated if you can mention the investment range, as it will help us to identify the property as per the requirement.

Renting Options:

If you have any interest in giving your property on rent to a school or if you want to rent a school, you can simply fill the query form below. Kindly note the residential property owners can also apply, however there are few mandatory requirements, you should see before filling up the form:

a. The property must have minimum 250 square yards of plot area with ground floor as must required:

b. You should be willing to give your property minimum for 5 years:

Yes, I am interested

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