Branding & Marketing

Branding & Marketing

Brand is the "name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. The idea is basically to let people differentiate the identity from others.

We at VGC know how valuable branding is. Branding will not only increase the product selling but also it will inculcate the sense of trust and confidence about your organization among the masses.

Let us understand what all components are included in making a brand:

  • Name

  • Logo

  • Tag Lines

  • Graphics

  • Shapes

  • Colors

  • Sounds

VGC will plan, develop and implement to develop your brand. It requires extensive work to establish any brand and therefore the promoter of the brand has to have patience to get desired results.

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
  1. How much time is required to establish a brand?

  2. The time frame cannot be prescribed, it completely depends upon the pace and aggression level of the promoters.
  3. Is it expensive?

  4. It is well said that money fetches money; similarly, one has to feed the cow for long time to get nutritional cow products.
  5. I have a good brand name, how to promote?

  6. First, you have to understand the actual meaning of brand, if you have a logo, name, it does not mean that you have a brand, you have to club all the essential requirements to make and promote a brand.
  7. Can we meet to understand better?

  8. You can fix up an appointment with our advisory team and they will guide you about the next course of action absolutely free of cost.